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Global beverage manufacturer: Talent and performance management toolbox

Accenture developed a standardized approach to talent and performance management across multiple subsidiaries to improve performance globally.


Accenture helped this global beverage manufacturer develop a standardized approach to talent and performance management across multiple global subsidiaries by creating a customized Talent and Performance Management Toolbox. By embedding leading practices into its business, the client is better positioned to achieve high performance.

The client is one of the leading beverage groups in the world with a large portfolio of alcoholic and other beverage brands.


The client’s organization was highly fragmented with its national companies around the world hampered by the lack of a consistent, formalized approach to talent and performance management. Moreover, the quality of its talent and performance management efforts varied significantly between its many subsidiaries.

By adopting a standardized approach, the client aimed to raise its baseline and enhance its control opportunities at the corporate level, thereby creating a basis for comparing and calibrating talent and performance management across the organization.

To this end, Accenture teamed with the client’s HR department to deliver a “plug-and-play” Talent and Performance Management Toolbox that enhanced the group’s existing initiatives with industry-leading practices gleaned from Accenture’s tested delivery efforts in the field and deep industry experience.


Accenture collaborated closely with the group’s HR department to manage the project. More specifically, Accenture’s key role was to assess the client’s existing capabilities and conduct a gap analysis with reference to industry-leading practices to determine the optimal design of its new Talent and Performance Management Toolbox. Accenture also supported the development of the Toolbox and the materials and presentations being used to further implement it across the client’s global organization.

In addition, Accenture played a subject matter specialist role in the project as well as presenting relevant industry research and case studies within the talent and performance management area. Furthermore, Accenture leveraged its professional network and provided key speakers to showcase the importance of talent and performance management to the business agenda.


The new Talent and Performance Management Toolbox was presented to the group’s CEOs, HR directors and executive committee through workshops.

The Toolbox provides the client with a single, integrated talent and performance management calendar that is aligned to its overall business calendar. Moreover, it sets the standard for how individual objectives should be constructed and assessed with a focus on “what” and “how”; a common organizational governance structure for the assessment and calibration of performance at the country, regional and group level (through People Boards); and a potential-spotting questionnaire and a nine-grid models to help assess and manage potential within the group.

Accenture provided the client with two dedicated, highly experienced people who had already established relationships within the group through prior engagements. The relationships were enhanced with the client’s HR department as they collaborated to deeply understand the group’s requirements and deliver a highly-customized solution with an optimal fit.

By teaming with Accenture, the client has embedded industry-leading practices into its talent and performance management operations, creating a solid foundation from which to become a high-performance business.