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French government administration: IT transformation at DILA

Designed and developed a new generation data center for DILA; the first government administration cloud service in France.


The Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA), one of the branches of the prime minister’s central office, oversees administrative information, legal distribution and public announcements. It is responsible for ensuring public access to laws, citizen rights and duties, and information needed to conduct business with the government.

This is the first internal government administration cloud project and indicates DILA’s commitment to a more service-oriented culture. It now offers new online services for citizens and administration officers. With all public information stored on cloud, citizens now have an easy access to the information.

The French government administration is also reaping additional benefits of moving to the cloud, including significant cost savings and flexible information technology (IT) infrastructure.

DILA chose Accenture to design, build and deliver its next-generation data center in Paris. The contract supports the government’s strategic technology goals to create savings by controlling costs.


DILA found it challenging to reduce IT operating expenditures while meeting the increasing demand for public services and ensuring that quality content was published within the deadlines set by the legal calendar.

It wanted to move to a flexible IT infrastructure where information could be stored on the cloud to improve access to nationwide public services for French citizens. DILA’s decision to move to the cloud was not only to provide quicker and easier access to public information, but also to create savings by controlling costs.

“Our infrastructure will have to increasingly allocate dynamic capacity, adapted to the Web connection flows for all the portals we host,” explains Jean-François Imokrane, chief information officer of DILA. “Therefore we decided to create our first cloud data center, with the idea of improving our cost control and providing faster activation of new online services.”

DILA’s decision to move to the cloud was not only to provide quicker and easier access to public information, but also to create savings by controlling costs.


Based on our in-depth experience in modernizing public services and managing large-scale IT transformation projects, the French government administration chose Accenture as the technology provider for its first cloud-based data center.

Accenture built the data center in two phases—standardization and centralization of the hosted services, followed by integration and automation. The IT infrastructure was designed to gradually upgrade and handle a configuration of 7,000 virtual servers.

Accenture supported DILA in:

  • Designing a flexible architecture for the data center.

  • Supplying and integrating the FlexPod platform comprising VMware software virtualization, Cisco server hardware and network, and NetApp storage bays.

  • Deploying the platform security, availability and performance supervision tools.

  • Testing and deploying the platform.

  • Managing hardware and software.


Accenture helped DILA successfully build its first cloud-based data center that gives the French government administration an unprecedented flexibility and agility within its IT environment.

The cloud platform is aligned with the government’s strategic technology goals to reduce costs and modernize service delivery at speed—thus, laying the foundation for future public services. 

New services can be provided rapidly, securely and reliably to better meet the evolving needs of its citizens.

  • The rationalization of the data center’s resources significantly reduced the total cost of ownership.

  • Simplified operations considerably reduced the number of devices requiring configuration, management, power supply and other operations.

  • Compliance with open standards facilitated complete integration into DILA’s computing environment.

By helping DILA transition to the cloud, Accenture becomes a partner for the IT transformation of public services. Accenture aims to support government agencies in identifying their needs, defining their online service catalogues and creating adapted governance rules.

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