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Analytics-powered platform improves customer dialogues at French bank

Read how Accenture built a Customer Dialogue Platform that boosted productivity and strengthened customer loyalty.


Accenture helped a French bank automate processes and create tools allowing overburdened account managers to offer better advice to customers and increase revenues. The deployment of an innovative analytics-powered platform also boosted productivity and brought account managers closer to customers.

The client is a French bank with broad service offerings to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.


A French bank's clerical and compliance burdens lead to account managers being inadequately prepared for customer conversations. The bank sought to improve its customer conversations around complex needs and products by leveraging their own customer data with new artificial-intelligence technologies.

Becoming the Indispensable Everyday Bank

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Accenture’s Juan Pedro Moreno shares how the digital revolution could be an opportunity for banks to reinvent themselves as the Everyday Bank.


Accenture built an innovative Customer Dialogue Platform by reviewing how top sales representatives managed client relationships and leveraging that information with best practices and historical data. The platform allowed for the generation of text-based reports in mere seconds—reports account managers could use to see crucial primary information and share appropriate products and services with customers.

Predicting the Future - Analytics in Financial Services Podcast

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See why next-stage analytics will be a difference maker in financial services


Accenture’s inventive analytics-based platform increases revenues, and improved account manager productivity and effectiveness—all while bolstering customer loyalty. The solution put the bank on a path toward gaining a new product subscription per manager every two days.

The Everyday Bank

How Digital is Revolutionizing Banking and the Customer Ecosystem.


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