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European online retailer: Digital Optimization services

Read how Accenture’s Digital Optimization software and services helped European Online Retailer in boosting online conversion rates and revenue.

With 1.2 million daily site visits, this established European online retailer was looking for new ways to optimize its customers’ user experience and its eCommerce capabilities.​

With competition for customers rising, providing a seamless, more relevant, online shopping experience was critical to increase conversion rates and checkout revenue. Accenture was engaged to develop a multivariate testing and optimization program across all web properties working with in-house resources.

A dedicated optimization team was established to plan, implement, run and analyze multivariate tests, powered by Accenture’s Digital Optimization software. The program optimized all parts of the retailer’s website, including navigation, onsite search, the homepage, search results page, product detail pages and the secure checkout process. Accenture also provided the in-house team with comprehensive training to maximize the sales uplift of the Digital Optimization software in each experiment and on an ongoing basis.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, the online retailer has conducted more than 20 multivariate tests per year producing up to €50 million in additional revenue during the three years. Experimentation with new search page layouts and features delivered significant increases in checkout conversion and revenue, while testing multiple variations of the product list page design resulted in modifications that also raised conversion rates

Longer-term benefits include the potential to significantly streamline product categories and site navigation based on insights into the most favorable conversion and checkout rates for each customer profile.