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Emerging market communications service provider

Read how Accenture helped this emerging market communications service provider update to a new telecom billing system.


An emerging market communications service provider offers customers a wide variety of services and solutions such as wireless, landline and television and Internet services; however, its billing system was in need of updating in order to keep up with the customer demand for new products and services. The company turned to Accenture for assistance.

Key Findings

Accenture worked closely with the client to gather its complete set of requirements for this new telecom billing system. A key focus area for the Accenture team during this initial stage was fostering collaboration between the company’s business and IT representatives, which would be essential to supporting widespread usage and acceptance of the chosen solution once it was implemented.

Accenture advised the company to focus on packaged software solutions that could be customized as needed, but which featured powerful capabilities right out of the box. More specifically, Accenture’s goal was to help the communications service provider find a solution that was 70 percent usable immediately, with no more than 30 percent of its functionality derived through custom development. This approach would reduce the cost, time, and effort of the initial implementation and of future upgrades.

After evaluating bids from a wide range of technology vendors, the company selected Oracle Communications Business Support Systems (BSS) suite of applications. Comprised of Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Oracle Application Integrated Architecture (AIA) and Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM), the Oracle BSS solution is an integrated, end-to-end enterprise software suite tailored to the telecommunications industry.

This solution would help the service provider dramatically accelerate the speed with which it could bring differentiated bundles to market while providing easier upgrades and ongoing maintenance. It also had the right balance between out-of-the-box features and the capacity to be customized. As an added benefit, the existing relationship between Oracle Corporation and the parent company allowed the communications service provider to obtain favorable pricing for the solution.

Accenture conducted extensive testing of the new system and, as part of a phased implementation, rolled it out within the communications service provider’s mobile, landline and multimedia divisions. Throughout these implementations, Accenture focused on incorporating user and executive input to derive as much value as possible from the solution while leveraging the inherent cost and performance advantages of a packaged solution.


For smaller, regional telecom companies, achieving competitive advantage depends upon a careful balance between cost efficiency and customer responsiveness. By taking advantage of the inherent cost effectiveness and flexibility of Oracle Communications applications, Accenture’s approach to this project has supported the pursuit of this balance, and already has delivered significant benefits.

The communications service provider’s new system allows it to launch innovative bundles that deliver the company’s full range of products, services and brands with much greater speed and efficiency. The provider was able, for instance, to develop and launch an offer combining a new personal computer with IPTV, DSL and mobile broadband in just one week, while launching a similar bundle previously would have required more than a year.

In addition, a new mobile bundle allowed the company to win approximately 1,400 new customers, including several hundred from the competition. This improved ability to present innovative offers quickly will be key to the company’s continued growth in its small, heavily saturated market.

Accenture and this emerging market communications service provider have done much more than just implement a new telecom billing system: They have charted a course to high performance that the entire business now can follow.

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