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Borealis SAP ECC 6.0 implementation

Borealis and Accenture collaborated to implement SAP ECC 6.0 for its Eastern Europe operations.


Borealis L.A.T sought an integrated enterprise resource planning system and selected Accenture to implement an SAP solution in five Eastern Europe subsidiaries, resulting in a solution that enhances business visibility and streamlines processes for continued growth.

Headquartered in Linz, Austria, Borealis L.A.T GmbH is a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of Borealis AG, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. Borealis L.A.T is a leading distributor of fertilizer in Europe.




While Borealis L.A.T’s businesses in Central Europe used an SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage core processes, five subsidiaries in Eastern Europe used different—and non-integrated—systems for sales, logistics and finance.

To maintain its leading market position and support its strategy for growing its fertilizer business, the company recognized the need for an integrated SAP environment across its operations. Accenture, which had helped the company implement SAP solutions in the past, was selected to deploy the new SAP solution to Borealis L.A.T’s operations in five Eastern European countries.


Accenture dispatched four SAP experienced personnel from Europe, along with development specialists from the Accenture India Delivery Center in Hyderabad, to help Borealis L.A.T implement the SAP ECC 6.0 system for its sales, purchasing, inventory, and manufacturing operations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Over a one-year period, Accenture and Borealis L.A.T collaborated as a single team to:

  • Conduct a pre-deployment study, as well as a process and gap analysis, to help ensure that the extended SAP system would satisfy Borealis L.A.T’s requirements and objectives.

  • Design the new system and associated processes to support Borealis L.A.T’s sales, distribution, materials management, procurement, manufacturing, finance and HR functions.

  • Build and test the new SAP solution, integrate it with the client’s existing SAP environment, and manage the migration of data to the new system.

  • Carry out key user training and provide support during deployment.


Close collaboration between Borealis L.A.T and Accenture team members, as well as the use of Accenture’s India Delivery Center, helped speed the solution’s development and contributed to the project’s success.

Also important was the team’s use of proprietary Accenture assets, notably Accenture Advanced Enterprise Solutions (AAES)—an innovative, comprehensive and proven ERP solution enabled by leading SAP technology that accelerates enterprise-wide business value. The use of the AAES asset helped generate quality, predictable outcomes and enhanced value for the overall project.

With Accenture’s help, Borealis L.A.T has a more integrated SAP ECC solution that has:

  • Provided better visibility into the business, with all information integrated into one system.

  • Streamlined processes to align with its business strategy and support growth objectives.

  • Reduced IT costs by decommissioning legacy ERP systems.

  • Captured logistical synergies throughout the L.A.T supply chain.

Working together, Borealis L.A.T and Accenture delivered a high-quality SAP solution on time and within budget, helping the client provide greater value to the agricultural industry in Europe through a robust and expanding fertilizer business.