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B20 Summit: Custom-built mobile application

Accenture assisted one of the world’s most eminent policy forums for business by delivering vital input to the 2014 B20 Summit in Australia.


The B20 Summit is one of the premier forums for business leaders worldwide. Executives participate in high-level policy forums on the global economy and formulate recommendations for the subsequent annual meeting of the Group of 20 (“G20”) nations.

In July 2014, the B20 Summit convened in Sydney. Accenture were involved on several levels. As knowledge partner of the B20's Human Capital Taskforce, Accenture provided high-quality research. We developed a custom-built mobile application in just over six weeks for B20 Summit delegates. Also, Accenture leadership participated in the B20 Summit which offered a platform to make recommendations for G20 consideration.


With a comprehensive and diverse agenda, and vast numbers of high profile international and Australian delegates, the B20 Summit organisers required a solution to connect and engage with participants. The B20 Summit team’s existing tools and processes were unsuitable to meet the demands.


Accenture played several key roles during the event, contributing to the B20 Summit and providing the digital technology to ensure the event was effective.

Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme spoke on the ”Digital economy’s potential disruption of G20 growth targets”. Accenture Strategy was chosen by the B20 Australia leadership to be the knowledge partner of the B20's Human Capital Taskforce. In this capacity, we facilitated content development, provided frameworks for developing hypothesis, research and thought leadership. Also, Accenture Digital collaborated closely with the B20 Summit team to create a customised mobile app.


Over nine months, our expert research and experienced team members helped drive discussion and enable the compilation of the B20 Human Capital Taskforce Report. This report proposed core recommendations to be used by the G20 as they explore closer collaboration between business, government and academia.

The custom mobile app delivered in just over six weeks, enabled B20 Summit participants to source information, share ideas and benefit from an enhanced user experience. Delegates were able to collaborate in a new way, engage in deeper discussions and access information via an easy to read format.


Download PDFTo read the full report, download the PDF [PDF, 343KB]