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Atlante: Judicial information platform

Citizen Oriented Justice


The Canary Islands Government has made a firm commitment to modernizing its justice system in order to make it more flexible and efficient. These efforts are based on two fundamental pillars: organization and technology. In the Canary Islands Justice Administration, this technological progress has a name: Atlante. This system has exponentially improved the region’s judicial processes. With even greater levels of integration, the new upgrade to Atlante II will further enhance the justice service’s citizen-oriented approach.

According to Pedro Herrera, Deputy Regional Justice Minister, The Canary Islands, 2000 was the turning point in the justice department’s approach to new technologies. According to Herrera, throughout the twentieth century the tools and processes used remained virtually unchanged. With the dawn of the new millennium, technology took center stage in the courts – a role that is now being reinforced.

Find out more in this interview, where Pedro Herrera discusses the progress being made to bring justice in the Canary Islands fully into the 21st Century.


A constantly evolving system, The Canary Islands Department of Justice commissioned the design and implementation of this solution in early 1998. Atlante is based on an open, flexible platform that allows the system to evolve and permits the integration of other commercially available tools.

Through a strategy oriented towards processes, people and technology, the system provides users with everything they need to do their jobs and make decisions within the judicial framework. The application consists of various modules: Judicial Bodies, Common Communication Service, Filing and Assignment Offices, Calendar, Free Legal Counsel, Justice Courts, Prosecutor’s Office, Juvenile Justice System, Institute of Legal Medicine, and Database of Information Judicial Interest. These various modules are integrated in an intuitive, user-friendly environment that provides aggregated information and context-sensitive help, all with complete security.

Atlante integrates all parties involved in judicial proceedings and offers flexibility in the selection and execution of procedures. This complete, standardized system therefore encompasses all jurisdictions and stages of proceedings and includes all of the necessary functions.


The benefits Atlante has brought to the Canary Islands’ justice department include information communication and exchange, teamwork, coordination of tasks, collaboration between different agents, adaptability and homogenization of processes and the documentation.

By combining a strategy focusing on processes, people and technology, the system gives users the resources they need to undertake their work and decision making within the judicial framework.