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AngloGold Ashanti (AGA): End-to-end recruitment process

A new leading edge electronic recruitment management process


AngloGold Ashanti (AGA), one of the world’s foremost gold exploration, mining and marketing companies, holds a portfolio of operations and projects. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company has 21 operations in 10 countries.


AGA was looking to change its recruitment system. The current legacy system had multiple portals, which had made recruiting (especially internal recruiting) too difficult to manage, and costs had also become a factor.

AGA identified the requirements for a global (or enterprise-wide) e-RMS, which included: it being a global, cloud-based solution as well as customizable and configurable in order to align to the company's business processes. Eventually, the company decided upon using the SuccessFactors Recruitment software.

AGA required a roadmap to help implement the different SuccessFactors modules across different regions—and this roadmap would need to consider all other Human Capital Management (HCM) initiatives that might affect the SuccessFactors software.

AGA’s recruitment system had multiple portals, making recruiting (especially internal recruiting) difficult to manage and costs high.


Accenture worked with the company to determine one global recruitment process in which all operating countries would align in the new global e-RMS. Using Agile methodology, the delivery process was streamlined and included:

  • Initiate and Confirm: Determining the future business processes, process workflows, global design template and local requirements, as well as producing a proof of concept for the solution blueprint.

  • Design: Designing the system’s configuration, reports, extensions, data conversion and integrations.

  • Build: Creating the technical designs, building custom development objects and unit testing.

  • Test: Executing mock conversions, system testing and user acceptance testing.

  • Integration Testing: Executing integration testing, payroll parallel testing and end-to-end employee lifecycle testing with integrations and payroll results included.

  • Deploy: Deploying the solution to users and transitioning the ongoing service delivery responsibilities to the support unit.

  • Change Enablement: Enabling the change aspects of the implementation, taking into consideration the iterative prototyping implementation approach


Once the implementation is complete, AGA would be able to operate as a global business throughout all its operations with a common, global and standard recruitment process that utilizes one single system: SuccessFactors, the company’s one integration platform for recruitment. Accenture even held several classroom training sessions for end users and recruiters, so that company resources are able to maintain and support the solution independently.

Additionally, once the company has rolled the new system out to all its sites, it would possess one central mechanism to advertise jobs internally and externally, both simplifying the process and making it more efficient, which would lead to the company becoming better able to attract and retain talent.

AGA will have one central mechanism to advertise jobs internally and externally, both simplifying the process and making it more efficient.

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