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International logistics provider: Mobile tracking applications

Read how Accenture helped an international logistics provider with Innovative Mobile Tracking Applications to solve for quality mobile customer experiences.


The client recognized that advances in communications technologies were changing how its customers interacted with their logistics provider. Increasingly mobile, its customers were as apt to conduct business from their smartphones as from their PCs or laptops. The client wanted to launch smartphone solutions that would give decision makers an easy way to send and track their shipments.

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In the world of international logistics, the quality of the customer experience is a critical source of competitive advantage. The clients' challenge was to maintain and enhance the quality of the experience by launching a smartphone solution.


Accenture developed the technical and functional architectures, as well as the application definitions. From there Accenture built the application and completed unit, integration, system and user acceptance testing. Finally, we piloted a beta version of the application before release.

Today, the new mobile solutions allow customers to:

  • Create .pdf-ready, printable shipping labels

  • Locate the client’s shipping facilities using global positioning satellite capabilities

  • Track their shipments without logging in. If they do log in, customers get the added benefit of being able to access a tracking history