Building skills for the future in public service

Public services exist to help people thrive; both their own employees and the citizens they serve.

Public service as a career of choice

In response to COVID-19, public service organizations had to rapidly change ways of working. This was essential to keep the extraordinary work of government going at an extraordinary time.

Many are rising to the occasion, but across the public and private sector, some leaders by their own admission indicate they would have been better prepared had they invested more heavily prior to the pandemic in programs that support their people’s holistic needs.

So, what do public service employees want? Our latest research found that by meeting six fundamental human needs through work, public service organizations can earn their people’s trust and unlock their full potential. We call this framework Net Better Off.
Read the full report to find out the actions that public service agencies can take to leave their employees Net Better Off.


Shaping work, shaping lives

When it comes to work, public services are in a unique position, responsible for both employees and the employability of citizens. But there is a common goal: to help people thrive and realize their potential in an increasingly digital world.

Maximizing potential within public services

When public service workers are skilled, tech-enabled and resilient, they’re better able to fulfill their agency's mission.

Empowering citizens for new livelihoods

Government is ideally placed to take the lead in turning profound changes in work into opportunities for citizens by unlocking their ingenuity.

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Honing your digital edge

Digital fluency unleashes new ways of working

What we think

Case studies

James Cook University, students and Accenture team up to formulate a new microservices liquid workforce.

Learn how the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation is experimenting with AI to deliver better customer and employee experience.

In today’s fast-paced world of rapidly evolving technology, successful innovation requires a different approach.

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Meet our lead

Voices of Accenture Public Service

Get the latest thinking on the public service workforce trends that matter to your people and those you serve.

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