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Accenture Industrial Software Solutions: Product development services

Smarter solutions for smarter products.

Connected, intelligent devices enabled by embedded software are the key to success in today’s demanding markets and product software has never been more important in enabling swifter innovation and time to market. Download the pdf to learn how Accenture Industrial Software Solutions can help industrial companies achieve this more reliably and at lower cost.

Why Accenture
Product Development Services forms part of the Accenture Industrial Software Solutions offering set. It is supported by Accenture’s full-range of capabilities from outsourcing, consulting and global delivery services.

To be truly “smart”, companies need to team with like-minded providers—providers who share their focus on putting intelligent devices at the heart of a new, digital strategy. Accenture is such a provider.

By teaming with us, industrial companies will gain a trusted advisor that really understands the implications of digital disruption.

Learn more about our Product Development Services