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Accenture Delivery Suite: High performance through global collaboration

Standard methods, tools, metrics and architectures to achieve high performance through solutions delivery.



The Accenture Delivery Suite provides a standard framework for building and delivering reliable solutions and services quickly and collaboratively, industrializing delivery to support the journey to high performance.

As leading organizations improve and standardize their information technology and business processes to maximize productivity, they want service providers that follow proven approaches that will lead to consistent, predictable and reliable solution and service delivery.

Whether the work is done locally, regionally or in global delivery centers around the world, we provide the common language of methods, tools, architectures and metrics to ensure that our multidisciplinary teams of professionals can work together efficiently.

In this way, clients can harness the power of Accenture's global knowledge and experience to achieve high performance.

The Accenture Delivery Suite distills the collective experience of our professionals working around the world into a set of proven methods, tools, metrics and architectures.


Our highly-skilled professionals work efficiently across the Accenture Global Delivery Network to enhance client performance.

We provide the standard framework around which our solutions and services are built and delivered. This is grounded in a common language and a disciplined process that enables multidisciplinary teams to work as one, consistently delivering high quality across multiple sites, projects and cultures.

The Accenture Delivery Suite distills industry knowledge and experience into a comprehensive guide on how best to deliver on every engagement.

Our architectures provide a solid foundation to support mission-critical applications. Our metrics measure progress and quality of delivery performance.

Collectively, our Accenture Delivery Suite:

  • Promotes worldwide consistency across projects, with a common language and standard approach for strategy and planning, new development, outsourcing and management activities.

  • Supports reliability, quality and on-time delivery through tested methods, processes, tools and architectures.

  • Enhances our Global Delivery with a coordinated process for delivering solutions across multiple sites, skills and cultures.

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