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Accenture Labs: Holistic approach to cyber security operations

Cyber-attacks grow more complex and relentless every day. Through our facility in Arlington, Virginia, we provide key insights to improve security. 


Attacks on IT systems are widening across more devices, more systems and more people. This puts security organizations under escalating pressure from chief executives and corporate boards seeking assurance that data risks are adequately mitigated.

Chief information officers and their security teams are therefore looking for greater insight into attack profiles, more creative and agile responses and better understanding of the latest advances in security technology.

Accenture Labs has created a dedicated cyber-security lab in Arlington, Virginia, to provide clients with a trusted source of fresh ideas and independent insights about what security responses make most sense.

Accenture Labs provides the latest security insights, drawing on a diverse team of technologists, business leaders and 2,000 security consultants worldwide.

Why Accenture Labs

As our research and development arm, Accenture Labs has a mandate to identify technology trends as they develop and bring them to commercial use.

Our facilities offer clients an opportunity to experience cutting-edge technologies in real-life situations and interact with leading thinkers in a stimulating environment free from the distraction of the workplace.

Arlington is exclusively focused on cyber security. It’s an engine of innovation for remaking security operations into an intuitive model that can understand, adapt and thrive in a sophisticated threat landscape.

Clients will find a place to exchange relevant, timely ideas in collaborative, interactive sessions that help their teams better understand how emerging technologies will affect their businesses.

Action is a key word. With our Accenture Labs, you don’t just get blue-sky ideas. You get well-informed technology vision that is sharply focused on business outcomes.

You have the scale of our vast experience behind you: expert counsel that leverages our global footprint, deep industry knowledge and technology know how to bring the right insights, the right people and the right tools together to translate ideas into sustainable business advantage.

Managed Security Operations

Keeping pace with best practices and technology in the security industry is a daunting task.

Building and managing a security infrastructure is costly in terms of both resources and time, as it requires both complex and rapidly outdated technology infrastructure and applications and significant management resources.

We can help reduce both the cost and complexity associated with security solutions by delivering effective managed operations in partnership with top specialty providers—freeing up resources so you can focus on your core business.

Attracting and retaining experienced security professionals is also increasingly difficult.

Our managed security operations team is made up of adept professionals with deep knowledge and experience, combined with key alliances with best-in-class vendors.

This allows us to manage risk, reduce cost and reduce the complexity of an effective security operation for your organization.

Why Accenture

By collaborating closely with our clients, we offer deep information technology and business knowledge to make managed security operations work for you.

Our extensive experience illustrates that comprehensive, scalable and integrated security operations are crucial to the security of your business.

Our dedicated security professionals select, deploy and manage the most appropriate security solutions for your risk profile.

Our Managed Security Operations take a holistic approach: from assessment through strategy and implementation to on-going security management.

Our services include:

  • Accenture Advanced Security Governance Services

  • Accenture Business Risk Management Services

  • Accenture Perimeter and Identity Services

Our services can either integrate into an existing infrastructure or be incorporated into a total design and build process. We also help clients develop security conscious service level agreements, and provide periodic audits to ensure enforcement.

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