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Creating an intelligent customer experience in a challenging digital market

Consumer behavior is rapidly evolving as traditional sales channels fall by the wayside. Ready to engage?


Today’s consumers want faster, more consistent and more personalized experiences across channels and devices.

To compete, you must be prepared to engage these customers—anytime, anywhere—with buyer-relevant communications that satisfy their needs and set you apart from the competition.

Amid rising costs to retain customers, two key challenges make the journey to digital imperative:

  • Outdated legacy systems mean slow reactions to market changes—and missed opportunities for growth.

  • Having multiple CRM systems and a lack of data governance results in inconsistent customer information, leaving a company unable to anticipate customer needs.

"Consumers want faster, more consistent and more personalized experiences across sales channels and devices."


Accenture’s Intelligent Customer Experience solution meets these challenges—accelerating your journey to digital with transformation road maps that enable the art of the possible and keeping your customer’s experience at the core.

This preconfigured solution is based on our leading practices and the latest technologies to deliver Agile Selling and Agile Service transformation supported by digital frameworks.

What’s more, its industry benchmarking and diagnostic tools allow us to assess your capabilities, provide road map recommendations, and speed your business case and technology transformation.

The Intelligent Customer Experience solution powers your move to digital using the SAP C/4HANA cloud-based solutions for sales, service, marketing, commerce, social, and managing the customer relationship across multiple channels.

With transformation, training and communication plans to help satisfy stakeholders and engage customers, the solution accelerates time to value and provides you with specialized support through our Global Delivery Network and solution factories.


Organizations that implement our Intelligent Customer Experience solution can quickly realize benefits in several ways:

  • Enables leading practices with innovative business process designs based on user-experience thinking.

  • Provides a strong business case and a value-driven approach with predictable outcomes.

  • Improves sales growth by maximizing customer face time and shortening sales cycles.

  • Increases customer retention and loyalty, and reduces the cost of service operations by driving self-service across channels.

  • Streamlines collaboration between sales, service, social marketing and digital operations across your organization.

  • Simplifies your technology landscape with real-time integration across solution modules.

  • Delivers out-of-the-box mobility to lower your IT total cost of ownership.


  • Ready for rapid deployment – We packaged over 40 years of SAP experience with our deep industry insights into a set of leading practices, processes and ERP technologies.

  • Deep industry experience – We provide integrated business and industry digital roadmaps, data models, key performance indicators and SAP-based industry solutions that help organizations maximize the effectiveness and financial impact of their commerce, sales, service and marketing functions.

  • Comprehensive SAP experience – We have collaborated for more than 40 years with SAP to help design, develop, test and accelerate SAP CRM releases, and we continue to work with SAP on customer experience solution development initiatives. We have more than 47,000 SAP practitioners and have been awarded 38 SAP Pinnacle Awards (more than any other partner).

  • We are the first SAP Hybris Global Strategic Partner and the only preferred global systems integrator for SAP Hybris. Accenture has been named as the SAP Hybris Global Partner of the Year for four years running and SAP Hybris Partner of the Year in the SAP Pinnacle Awards for the second consecutive year working together since 2011, we provide our clients with digital transformation capabilities that help build profitable, long-term customer relationships.