Enterprise services for agribusiness

Agribusinesses need end-to-end efficiency across every process that supports the journey from field to family.

Accenture Enterprise Services (AES) for Agribusinesses is a pre-configured, industry- specific technology solution that codifies our cumulative knowledge as a leading global systems integrator for ERP into a set of leading practices, processes and technologies. AES is tailored for agribusiness, packaged for speed, and can deliver ERP implementations up to 50 percent faster and at 23 percent less cost.

Why Accenture
Accenture brings the team, the tools and the experience to drive innovation and competitive advantage for your agribusiness.

Industry know-how. The Accenture agribusiness team comprises experienced industry hires including farmers, agronomists, and professionals with advanced degrees and certifications in agriculture.

ERP experience. Accenture brings together 30 years of ERP and industry experience. We have strong alliance partnerships, decades of experience, and skilled professionals focused on SAP, Oracle and JDE solutions.