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Digital business strategy: Service overview

Digital business strategy services helps companies seamlessly complete a digital transformation.


Build a digital growth business. Accenture Digital Strategy consulting services help you target the value opportunities digital disruption will create in your industry, reinvigorate your business model and mobilize your organization to deliver results.

Digital technologies have changed everything. Value is based on information. Customers have unlimited demands and constantly set new terms of competition. Industries converge. Objects communicate along entire value chains and smart machines transform manufacturing.

How do you respond as a business leader?

Our digital strategy research shows that there is already a sharp divide emerging between Digital Transformers and Digital Followers. Digital Transformers aggressively pursue the growth opportunities provided by digital disruption, while Digital Followers focus only on optimizing existing activities.

By investing in digital growth strategies and adopting a relentless focus on value, Accenture Digital Strategy helps business leaders realize the opportunities created by digital disruption.


Why Accenture

Accenture Digital Strategy helps business leaders build digital growth businesses in all industries.

Discover how to create new revenue streams from information. Reinvigorate your business models. Learn how to create digital ecosystems. Build digital capabilities and skills. Work with us to design the governance models that allow you to manage your digital investments for value. Move at pace. Get results.

Read about the digital strategies we are helping our clients design and execute to create new value.

Specific Services

Accenture Strategy helps business leaders reimagine and remake their organizations to deliver growth and results in the digital economy.

Our focus is always on helping your business “find the money” in digital. We bring a unique perspective based on our leadership in industry strategy and technology strategy. Accenture Strategy provides four digital strategy services:

  • Digital Diagnostic – More than financial metrics to check the health of your digital strategy
    How effective am I today? Am I doing better than my competition? Am I benchmarking my progress to the right peer group? Where should I focus and what is the value? Where can I improve? What should I do next?

  • Digital Operating Model – Introducing your new digital business
    How do I organize for digital? What are the capabilities I need to build? What are the skills my workforce needs? What are the ecosystems I need to create or become part of? How do I enable a culture of rapid experimentation? What are the governance processes we need to put in place? How to we manage risk and reward trade-offs? How do we measure success?

  • Digital Transformation Mapping – Transform your organization to take advantage of the digital opportunity
    What should our digital strategy be and what is the business case for change? How do we reinvent our business to stay relevant? What is the value of pursuing different digital strategies and techniques? What are our key milestones and the roadmap ahead?

  • Innovation-as-a-Service – Connecting you to the start-ups that matter
    Who do we need to partner with or acquire? Who are the new entrants and start-ups that I should be thinking about? How do I ensure that the start-ups we get involved with are successful? How do I integrate new products, services and partnerships?


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