Cyber risk and resilience

In the face of rising cyber risk, Accenture can help financial firms build resilience—so they can bounce back from an attack.


Cyber resilience—or fast recovery—is critical to operating effectively in today’s connected world.


Be prepared. Get resilient.

See how we can help you become resilient, so when problems arise, you can act effectively—and move on.

It’s time for financial services firms to take a different view of cyber risk. In the past, many firms built thick walls to protect themselves. But cyber threats are becoming more prolific.

Complete protection against cyber attack is no longer realistic. Establishing strategies to support resilience—or fast recovery—is now more important than building stronger walls.



Accenture Finance & Risk Services can help firms put in place structures, technologies and processes to build resilience. As a first step we encourage firms to focus their attention on managing these key types of risks: 

  • Cyber Risk: We help clients better predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyber risk by combining the capabilities of multiple risk areas and focusing them on the same theme.

  • Operational Risk: We drive value through sound processes that measure, manage and support decision making on the most important risks and controls our clients face.

  • Fraud and Financial Crime: We support clients by implementing a global and standard anti-money laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution, including policies, procedures and technology, to build a sustainable Bank Secrecy Act/AML program.