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Mortgage & Compliance as-a-Service (MCaaS)

A truly end-to-end fulfillment capability changing the conversation on mortgage business process outsourcing: Better. Faster. Compliant.


In this increasingly complex regulatory environment, it's become very burdensome for lenders to offer mortgages. The industry is experiencing many technological advances embraced by vendors, investors, regulators and borrowers. Lenders are now faced with the challenge to interact in these ways while maintaining the required oversight.

With volume decreasing and costs increasing, executives must find innovative ways to drive value and focus on customer acquisition and retention—a key to success in this competitive environment.

Recognizing the need for a truly end-to-end loan fulfillment capability, Accenture has developed a leading, industry-differentiating offering that is changing the conversation on mortgage business process outsourcing.

Accenture’s Mortgage & Compliance as-a-Service (MCaaS) offering is designed to simplify the outsourcing model for lenders by providing a prescribed, end-to-end, product-rich mortgage manufacturing solution, coupled with the industry’s only warranty for compliance and investor risk.



Accenture's MCaaS offering provides lenders with a premium service that joins with their compliance infrastructure to produce loans which stand up to regulatory scrutiny and investor guidelines, while delivering superior customer satisfaction.

By moving to a MCaaS model, mortgage and home equity lenders reduce overall cycle times, scale volume in a predictable manner, improve regulatory compliance and reduce the potential for repurchase risk, all at an agreed cost.

MCaaS also reduces the need for lenders to continually upgrade their legacy mortgage technology and processes to be compliant with the latest investor and regulatory requirements.

Key Solution Components:

  • End-to-end fulfillment process (no compartmentalized review)

  • Robust, standardized, managed product set

  • Comprehensive, transparent and customizable borrower / lender web portals with status and workflow

  • Executed on a single technology platform coupled with robust operational, regulatory and investor controls and workflow.

MCaaS is the industry's first solution that provides a robust warranty framework for regulatory compliance, vendor and investor guidelines management, as well as data integrity, thereby addressing the most significant concerns of today's lenders.

HfS Research

HfS Research recently named Accenture the Leader in their Mortgage as-a-Service Blueprint—positioning us as a visionary with industry-leading assets.


Everest Group

Everest Group Named Accenture a Mortgage BPO Leader.



MCaaS is delivered using LoanSequence, Accenture's proprietary lending technology platform.

LoanSequence, a technical suite of Accenture's internal technologies, is an end-to-end loan origination platform tightly integrated with workflow and advanced automation tools to deliver the highest level of efficiency, productivity and process automation.

LoanSequence has been designed to reduce cycle times, while increasing loan quality and compliance, through a robust regulatory management process.

Key components of the platform include:

  • Integrated dynamic documents with eDelivery and eSign

  • Rules-based workflow and workload allocation

  • Real-time data analytics and business intelligence dashboarding and reporting


The pressure is on lenders to explore more creative process design in order to remain competitive. By allowing Accenture to manage the back end of the process, clients have the ability to focus on borrower relationships and growing market share.

Additional benefits include:

Industrialized, predictable loan origination process

Enhanced originator experience

Revenue growth

Increased borrower satisfaction

Improved cycle times

Comprehensive data aggregation