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Advanced Analytics Services

Accenture Analytics takes an industry led, asset powered approach to helping clients from end-to-end with their most compelling issues and opportunities.


Disruption is creating great opportunities where technology meets business. Through asset-powered agility, Accenture helps organizations explore new ways to continually find value through innovation—mastering disruption by perceiving, deciding and executing faster than the rest. Accenture helps its clients move from data to decisions faster by adopting advanced analytics offerings, tools and techniques.

The Accenture Insights Platform hosts an advanced analytics applications portfolio, an integrated design, build, run environment enabling the agile development of industry and function-specific analytics solutions.


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Specific Services

Advanced Analytics Solutions for Business Function

Accenture has a broad portfolio of function-driven analytics offerings that span the business enterprise value chain. 

Services by Industry

Advanced Analytics Solutions for Industry

Accenture provides end-to-end, industrialized solutions anchored in industry-relevant value drivers and process models. Learn more about our industry capabilities by selecting an industry.


Narendra Mulani

Chief Analytics Officer, Accenture Analytics

Narendra leads an integrated team of management consulting, technology and operations professionals who serve clients and drive Accenture’s business analytics.

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Latest Thinking


Why Accenture

High performance operations hinges on the ability to gain insights from data. Informed executives can make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise. Every organization, regardless of its current capability, can benefit by becoming more analytical over time. From strategy to execution, Accenture Analytics works with businesses across the globe to deliver predictive capabilities and operations insights needed to outperform the competition.

Analytic capabilities underpin the most important imperatives Operations executives face today:

  • Driving growth—from new markets.

  • Enhancing cost and cash advantage.

  • Improving operational excellence.

  • Restructuring the business at scale.

  • Winning the war for talent.

From strategy to execution, Accenture Analytics delivers the insights to excel in manufacturing and operations.