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Client data services

Accenture assists clients in transforming and running onboarding processes, data governance and systems at key client interfaces to improve customer service.


Accenture helps clients analyze how data is currently collected, the systems used to organize and store data, who uses the data and how it is used. This allows for the creation of a high-level plan for the optimum use of client data.

We can also help with:

  • Ensuring that integration of the new system takes place seamlessly, painlessly and on schedule

  • Developing strategies and processes for using data and opening up the flow of information around the organization

  • Assisting in cleaning up data to ensure that exposures are managed smoothly and true hierarchies and interrelationships are mapped

Client Data Management

Podcast: Client On-boarding as a Business Opportunity

On-boarding presents a chance for investment banks to not only reduce compliance and credit risks, but also collect valuable information about client preferences, needs and behaviors. Those that treat the on-boarding process as an opportunity, rather than an obligation, will be in a stronger position to build durable relationships and increase market share. Listen in as Accenture’s Heather Adams explains how investment banks are using intelligent on boarding processes to enhance customer experiences, improve cross selling and streamline regulatory compliance.

Moving to the standard legal entity identifier

Read about how implementing the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), a standardized identifier to be used by all financial institutions, would require financial institutions to improve data quality, address regulatory concerns and refresh client on-boarding practices.


Why Accenture

At Accenture, we believe that new rules and requirements for client data provide financial institutions with an opportunity to increase operational efficiency and improve cross-selling and upselling programs while meeting regulatory demands.

Our unique combination of skilled resources, global scale and deep industry knowledge enables us to help our clients achieve high performance with their client data programs. Our proprietary tools include:

  • Process and Workflow Frameworks to accelerate client data information collection and validation

  • Process Mapping Tools which helps identify the greatest areas for improvement in the client data process flow

  • Onboarding Capability Assessment to analyze and compare the current client onboarding process against industry standard practices

  • Client Data Management Diagnostic Tool which enables a thorough analysis of a company’s data management capabilities

Accenture has assisted a large number of clients with a broad spectrum of client data management projects over the past 15 years. Details are available upon request.

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