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Distribution & Marketing Offering

Helping banks enhance their marketing distribution and innovation.


Competition, regulatory requirements and customer demands are putting the pressure on banks. Accenture’s capabilities and offerings in four key areas can help banks achieve high performance.

The banking market is increasingly more competitive, but is not without its opportunities. The Accenture Distribution and Marketing Practice helps banks capitalize on these opportunities by leveraging our key capabilities, management services and leading-edge technology.

Accenture believes that marketing, distribution and innovation will become dominant vectors for the bank of the future. Four areas are of primary interest:

  1. Insights and Analytics. As customers demand more qualified information and expect more personalized experiences, it is critical for banks to be able to segment clients based on needs, channel propensity and potential value.
    Learn more about insights and analytics

  1. Multichannel Sales and Servicing. Banks that communicate effectively and seamlessly across multiple channels not only enhance the customer experience, but also improve the efficiency of bank distribution networks.
    Learn more about multichannel sales and servicing

  2. Digital Marketing Management. The bank of the future will define the digital customer experience, leveraging multiplied customer interactions to increase redemption rates and customer engagement.
    Learn more about digital marketing management

  3. Growth and Innovation. By developing a sound strategy based on innovative service models and differentiated capabilities, banks can gain wallet share, decrease cost-to-serve ratios and sustain growth.
    Learn more about growth and innovation

In becoming the bank of the future, successful banks will establish clear business outcomes and carefully manage their required investments.

Why Accenture

Accenture's Distribution and Marketing Practice combines our deep industry knowledge in banking with expertise in marketing, distribution and innovation. We help clients achieve their growth and cost-to-serve targets by blending management consulting, technology and outsourcing capabilities. This blending enables speed, innovation and competitive differentiation.

Our expertise allows us to leverage specialized units and offerings, such as Accenture Analytics, Accenture Interactive and Accenture Mobility. Our industry research keeps us at the forefront of understanding customer needs, appropriate service models and required technologies. Accenture is recognized as a pacesetter in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). In 2010, Gartner selected Accenture as a leader in the field, based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.


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