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nCino platform integration

Architecting digital commercial loan origination for speed, agility and value


Accenture and nCino are working together to offer banks a way to conduct real-time, fully integrated, digital and secure commercial loan origination.

Wholesale lenders have struggled with a common set of issues for years, including lack of standardized process, poor data, and limited to no visibility across the end-to-end value stream encompassing a complex set of business processes, resulting in high cost structure, long fulfillment cycle times and increased regulatory exposure.

After years of failed attempts, wholesale lenders are now leveraging nCino to enable true credit transformation through an innovative solution that brings together industry-best processes using a configurable Salesforce platform delivering both the power of standardization and differentiation simultaneously, all built around data and customer insights.

Accenture and nCino: Commercial lending through a new lens at SunTrust



The Accenture and nCino alliance, melded on Salesforce, offers banks the power of three. It means that banks gain a distinct advantage in transforming their commercial loan business—at the start of their nCino journey onward:

Extensive Salesforce platform experience and expertise banks can trust

From its delivery of more than 1,200 projects, Accenture now holds the world’s largest Salesforce practice with three times more certified professionals than any other systems integrator.

Salesforce-based commercial credit solutions

Accenture applied its market-leading Salesforce capabilities and deep industry experience to develop solutions for the financial services industry that are certified by Salesforce. We use these solutions to help shape and deliver transformational programs globally—driving real innovation and value, and maximizing the benefits of Salesforce technology and applications such as nCino.

Comprehensive, functionally rich, market-leading software platform

The nCino software simplifies workflows, digitizes paper files and integrates seamlessly with core systems. As such, it enables bank staff to work faster and smarter in providing customers the right commercial loan solutions through more personalized experiences.

Global delivery

Accenture is the number one implementation partner for Salesforce with the skills, understanding and experience needed to deliver nCino successfully at scale. The Accenture Delivery Center Network provides global reach and seamless delivery through cutting-edge facilities that feature the latest technology and a broad range of delivery talent.

Battle-tested assets and tools built for nCino

Accenture provides a series of accelerators (estimates, methodology, nCino requirements, system designs, etc.), reference architecture, user stories and reusable code that fosters efficiency in delivering Salesforce CRM functionality for financial institutions.

The Accenture Credit practice, through its business process outsourcing unit, Accenture Credit Services, is on track to become the first service provider end user of the nCino platform—a position that deepens our expertise and joint commitment to the success of the solution.