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Deepen brand affinity with compelling omni-channel customer experiences

Become a truly customer-orientated business by harnessing actionable intelligence from every interaction.


Specific Services

Which customers hold the highest value? Which segments are most sensitive to changes in pricing or promotions? What changes to the content experience would improve marketing performance? We provide three services to answer the most critical questions:

Case Studies


Why Accenture Interactive

Accenture Digital Customer Experience services address the capabilities, coverage and operating gaps that clients are struggling with to deliver optimal experiences. Our team comprises experienced practitioners who have demonstrated skills in customer, marketing, merchandising and operations analytics as well as software development and deployment. Together, we enable clients to achieve:

Flexibility. For companies that want to cost-effectively augment their customer insight capabilities, we offer a one-time strategic analysis, or clients can subscribe to ongoing business intelligence and process support in a managed services arrangement.

Scalability. Clients can quickly ramp up analytic capabilities as needed, without spending time or money finding, recruiting and on-boarding analytics talent.

Adaptability. Accenture teams see achieving customer insight as an on-going, collaborative endeavor that should evolve over time as the needs of the company change.