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Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud: Accelerating Solutions

Head in the clouds with feet on terra firma. Immerse your team in our dedicated planning and strategy environment.


The Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud in Bengaluru is a multimedia, technology-rich environment designed to help you explore possibilities across all of our cloud offerings, with an eye to your digital future.

Proprietary tools and methodologies, hands-on demonstrations and the most up-to-date technologies help us collaborate with clients to design highly-targeted cloud computing strategies and solutions.

We can help with broad strategic thinking or specific solution planning, from SaaS to Paas, IaaS to BPaaS. All discussed within a framework that emphasizes the latest in cloud security and hybrid designs.

We provide an environment away from your daily pressures to strategize on how cloud can underpin your business and digital goals.



There's a place the highest-performing executives go to ponder and strategize.


Whatever your needs, or level of maturity in cloud computing, our Innovation Center for Cloud can offer inspiration.

We've played a key role in nearly 8,000 cloud projects in 50 countries—and seven out of every 10 companies in the Fortune 100 have benefited from our cloud experience.  

The solutions we deliver each day help: 

  • Reduce risk

  • Increase of cost efficiencies

Take advantage of the most up-to-date cloud-based applications and development platforms.  


The Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud in Bengaluru is a state-of-the-art, hands-on learning environment that brings the power and potential of cloud computing to life. We offer a range of programs to fit your specific needs. 

You can choose a full-day strategy session to explore how cloud solutions can help move your businesses forward. Or, you may prefer a targeted session to focus on one or two specific challenges the cloud can address. 

On-site tools and demonstrations spotlight a variety of our world-class cloud capabilities, including: 

Cloud Strategy 

  • Capability and readiness assessments

  • Industry-specific trends and insights

  • Digital architectures 

  • Cloud operating models

Cloud Security

  • Identity and Access Management as a Service 

  • Software Defined Security 

  • Cloud Data Protection as a Service 

Accenture Software 
  • Accenture CAS software integrated sales platform for the consumer goods industry 

  • Duck Creek software for the insurance industry 

  • Accenture Claim Components

  • First Notification of Loss 

  • Accenture Life Insurance Platform 

  • “Over the top” TV 

  • Accenture Freight and Logistics software 

  • Accenture Fare Management 

  • Quantum 

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

  • Batch management in the cloud 

  • All major SaaS vendor demonstrations

  • Industry SaaS Solutions including

    • Communications

    • Health

    • Insurance

  • iPad call planning

  • Saas-specific innovation center in San Jose

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Legacy to cloud migration

  • Public and Private PaaS

  • Docker

  • Cloud Foundry

  • Development and architecture tools

Cloud Infrastructure (LaaS)

  • Azure hybrid cloud

  • Accenture Cloud Platform

  • Private Cloud for SAP and Oracle

  • Software defined infrastructure 

Business Process as a Service 

  • Mortgage Cadence 

  • NavitaireNew Skies, Open Skies 

  • Accenture Credit Services 

  • Procurian 

  • Accenture Post Trade Processing