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Home Pervasive Network

Effectively managing field operations while improving the customer experience​.

The final frontier for communications service providers (CSPs) is the connected home. Digital technologies and the Internet of Things are creating new opportunities for CSPs to provide intelligent home solutions that encompass video, Wi-Fi, utilities and comprehensive management of digital content and channels. At the same time, full connectivity, mobility and big data are rapidly changing residential customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations.

Accenture Home 2.0 is a comprehensive suite of services that can enable CSPs to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the residential market, achieving improved agility, flexibility and productivity while reducing operating costs. Using a factory-based management approach, Accenture Home 2.0 helps accelerate the launch of new residential products, including management of launch, test, installation and repair services.

Accenture Home 2.0 assists CSPs in multiple areas:

  • Legacy evolution: Leveraging their existing platforms and resources to increase their capacity for further investment into future home services.

  • Innovation acceleration: Combining their unique strengths with cloud, Agile and DevSecOps approaches to deliver differentiated services, delight customers and capture market share.

  • Monetization and optimization: Powering new business models that will monetize the full potential of the ecosystem by deploying open application program interfaces (APIs), analytics and instrumentation everywhere.

Based on ROI-driven business models, Accenture Home 2.0 helps CSPs unlock growth, reduce field force cost and improve the residential customer experience.