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Mobile app testing improves automation by over 50%

Accenture collaborated with a print and interactive marketing company to help enhance its mobile application testing quality and productivity.


Accenture took over a print and interactive marketing company’s mobile application testing to help enhance quality and productivity at a reduced cost. Thus, Accenture deployed its Mobile Application Testing for Enterprises (MATE) framework and leveraged the Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud Automation Platform to set up a private cloud thereby automating 90 percent of the testing activities. Using both on and offshore team, Accenture provided round-the-clock testing to improve testing quality and productivity. By teaming with Accenture, the company gained a robust and efficient automated mobile testing capability to support aggressive semi-monthly consumer and enterprise application releases allowing it to stay up-to-date and align with emerging technology trends. With this new mobile application testing framework in place, the company now had the mobile capability to optimize its applications’ user experience and broaden its customer base.


With the demand for digital channel interactions growing, the company needed to stay competitive. Doing so meant making mobility a key part of the company’s media and advertising strategy. However, the company’s current mobile applications for consumers were underperforming due to difficulties with the company keeping up with emerging technology trends and testing. Improving testing and the logistics of keeping up with mobile trends would help reduce costs and allow the company to expand from print to digital to build out its business and broaden its customer base. Therefore, the company was looking for comprehensive, multi-year testing support for its entire consumer and enterprise application portfolio.


The scope of the work included testing for both mobile web and native applications across three platforms (iOS, Android and BB10). Accenture deployed its Mobile Application Testing for Enterprises (MATE) framework to become involved in all phases of the testing lifecycle. Accenture utilized the Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud Automation Platform. This platform helped automate 90 percent of the testing activities and enabled a private mobile cloud for testing purposes, which offered flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Accenture leveraged its Accenture Mobility Services – Software Development Center in Boston, MA for the private cloud, aided in the procurement of mobile devices and provided insight into the latest mobile technology trends. Accenture’s Global Delivery Center Bengaluru, India performed approximately 70 percent of the testing delivery. A third team handled the rest of the testing on-site working in close collaboration with the client.


Though the project is ongoing, due to Accenture’s round-the-clock testing delivery and extensive automation penetration, the company has greatly increased its testing quality and productivity. While the original scope called for automating 50 percent of the company’s mobile test cases and assess where they could be expanded, Accenture went above and beyond to add more value for the company. Accenture sped up the automation process, completing what the original scope called for (automating 50 percent of the mobile test cases) in only four months and then entirely rebuilt the company’s testing process to make it more efficient and cost-effective. The company’s new automated mobile testing capability provided a platform for it to support aggressive semi-monthly consumer and enterprise application releases. Furthermore, Accenture’s mobile application testing framework provided the flexibility to add additional varied devices, scaling up or down capability and performing different types of testing, which will help the company keep pace with new mobile devices. With these goals achieved, the company is now looking at optimizing its applications’ user experience in order to broaden its customer base.

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