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Industrial equipment: Building cyber resilience

September 21, 2020


In brief

As business changes, so should cybersecurity

Detection rate

Leaders stop more cyberattacks.

Speed of detection

Leaders find breaches faster.

Speed of response

Leaders fix breaches faster.

Reduced breach impact

Leaders contain a breach better.

Cyber resilience is the ability to defend against attacks while continuing to do "business as usual" successfully.

What do leaders do differently?

Moving toward adaptive cybersecurity

Protect factory systems in real time

Secure adoption of cloud services will help protect industrial factory systems, as security can be updated in real time in the cloud.

Extend protection to the entire enterprise

Protections now must be built into the entire enterprise, from IT/OT network anomaly detection to vulnerability management.

Create partner cybersecurity standards

Industrial equipment companies need to monitor not only their own cybersecurity, but ensure partners adhere to strict standards of adaptive security.

Focus on cybersecurity for connected products

Detection and response capabilities are crucial to protecting the products of industrial manufacturers and the entire industrial internet of things.

Cyber resilience: A journey, not a destination

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