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The Digital Insurer: Insurance user experiences by design

How consumer applications are creating new expectations for user experiences in P&C carriers’ workforces.

For insurance leaders, the everyday-to-enterprise shift is an opportunity to further excite and engage customers and employees by enabling powerful user-centered experiences.

In the everyday-to-enterprise (E2E) shift, technology is blurring the lines between users’ work, shop and play. Current and future workers will expect better user experiences in their workplace. They will even leave a job if they don’t have it—a reality that begs insurers to better retain talent in an industry that anticipates a 50 percent workforce turnover over the next 15 years, according to the Assurex Global Generational Workplace Audit.

To enhance the user experience, insurers should take pointers from other consumer-facing industries and incorporate the best examples in their improvement blueprints. A first step would be to clearly identify system users and what they look for in an online experience.

To simplify this task, Accenture has identified four user types that are pulling consumer expectations into the insurance enterprise—the “Free Spirit”, the “Go-Getter”, the “Enthusiast”, and the “Data Junkie” —and how insurers can use technology to satisfy the new workforce behaviors.

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