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Unlocking total labor value in the energy industry

Skills shortages in oil and gas have reached the crisis stage, yet many in the industry have not grasped the full magnitude.


Resolving the predicament requires a broad perspective: one that calls for closer collaboration with a full range of business partners.


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Talent shortages in the oil and gas industry have widened during the past few decades for many reasons including an aging workforce; adoption of newer technologies causing a shift in the skills needed by companies; and a rise in the exploration for alternative energy increasing the demand for talent.


Energy companies need to work smarter to attract and retain qualified, experienced and safety-minded talent.

Based on multiple surveys, research and our work with energy companies, Accenture and Kelly Services outline five recommendations to alleviate the industry’s chronic talent shortages:

  1. Start by accepting reality that the shortage is not temporary

  2. Think creatively about an integrated supply chain for talent

  3. Monitor quality throughout the ecosystem

  4. Know where skills reside and where they can best be deployed

  5. Aspire to be the “business partner of choice”