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Unleashing business value in a digital world

Seizing opportunities of the new energy marketplace.


Energy providers around the globe are operating in a whole new world. Everything and everyone is increasingly connected. Energy consumers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles as both buyers and sellers of energy. At the same time, a host of threats are challenging utilities to become more innovative and agile.

In The New Energy Consumer: Unleashing Business Value in a Digital World, Accenture shares the 2015 results of our multiyear New Energy Consumer research program. Our findings and analysis point to important shifts and highlight growing opportunities for forward-thinking energy providers.


Managing The Foundation

With many energy providers redefining their role in consumers’ lives and moving to the digital world, a foundation of consumer trust and satisfaction is increasingly paramount to success.

Key Strategic Imperatives For Utilities

Energy providers should apply a digital lens—identifying ways in which digital can help drive profitable growth, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

Digital tools, systems, capabilities and skills will be critical to enabling success in the years ahead. Energy providers should consider how the tectonic shifts and market forces will impact six key strategic imperatives.

Build “digital DNA”

Apply a digital lens to reinvent your business—from strategy and business models to operating and governance models.

Deliver effortless experiences

Enhance the customer experience by advancing next-generation digital customer capabilities, optimizing self-service interactions and proactively addressing consumers’ needs.

Architect resilient platforms

Establish digital platforms for real-time business models, emerging energy solutions and customer-powered innovation.

Drive analytics-powered insights

Improve customer-centric decision making and business effectiveness with real-time actionable insights and analytics capabilities.

Innovate at speed

Fuel growth and realize greater long-term value by seizing new opportunities, empowering consumers as marketers and co-creators for the rapid development and launch of new products and services.

Strengthen strategic partnerships

Accelerate value creation by partnering with other providers and forming unconventional alliances.

About The Research Program

Accenture undertook the multiyear New Energy Consumer research program to help gas, electricity and water utilities understand emerging consumer needs and preferences, to identify new challenges and opportunities and to bring focus to the critical competencies required to succeed in the evolving energy marketplace.

Collecting consumer insights from interviews with more than 60,000 end consumers around the world, the initiative has explored a range of topics.