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Understanding consumer preferences in energy efficiency in the utilities industry

Accenture research shows fascinating insights into public understanding and preferences toward electricity management programs.


Governments and utility/electricity providers worldwide are responding to escalating concerns over climate change, security of supply and volatile energy costs by making bold new investments. Smart grids, smart metering, renewable generation and mass-market energy efficiency and conservation programs are just a few of the major initiatives under way.

Many of these investments are focused in part on empowering end consumers to manage their energy usage more actively and efficiently. Enabled by smart metering and home energy management technologies, consumers will have access to new tools and programs. However, beyond the technology is a new and ultimately decisive challenge: engaging the “new energy consumer” in energy efficiency.


Read the report. [PDF, 1.9 MB]


Listen to consumers opinions about energy efficiency programs

New Energy Consumer

Engaging the New Energy Consumer: Accenture perspective—operational imperatives for energy efficiency explains why energy providers must change their relationships with consumers.

It outlines a consumer-centric framework to help energy providers redefine their consumer relationships by establishing a core competency in consumer energy support.


Download PDFRead the point of view “Engaging the New Energy Consumer [PDF, 1.5 MB]