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Will today’s graduates want to work for you?

Reshaping your talent supply chain to drive growth: Insights from the Accenture Strategy 2015 UK University Graduate Employment Study.


According to the Accenture Strategy 2015 UK University Graduate Employment Study, this year’s graduates are more resourceful and focused than ever as they prepare to enter the workforce. They have been strengthening their link in the overall talent supply chain.

But employers themselves may be the weakest link in that chain. Many recent university leavers feel underemployed and are not being offered learning experiences. Salaries are low.

To drive their growth plans, UK companies need to:

  • Shape a culture to attract and retain top talent

  • Match workforce capabilities to growth plans

  • Demonstrate commitment to employees’ professional development


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UK Graduates of 2015: Practical and Prepared
Learn more about the expectations and experiences of recent UK university graduates.


Click here to download the infographic. UK Graduates of 2015: Practical and Prepared. This opens a new window.VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC: UK GRADUATES OF 2015: PRACTICAL AND PREPARED

Key Findings

This year’s UK university graduates:

  • Do not want to work for large companies: Only 21 percent want to work for a large company, while 44 percent prefer a mid-sized organization or a small/start-up company.

  • Seek a positive work culture: 59 percent would prefer to work at a company with a positive social atmosphere and receive a lower salary, rather than receive higher pay at a company that is less fun.

  • May have difficulty finding meaningful work: 60 percent of recent grads consider themselves underemployed or working in a job that does not require a degree.

  • Were practical in choosing a field of study: 80 percent looked at job availability first, but only 55 percent of 2013/2014 grads are working in their chosen field full time.

  • Worked in an internship: 71 percent participated in an internship. Yet 39 percent of 2013/2014 grads were unable to convert their internship into a job.

See what companies can do to change course and attract new grads.


View the Infographic: Reshaping your talent supply chain to drive growth


To attract and retain top university grads, UK employers should:

  1. Get small. Even a large company can act like a small one with the right organizational structure and a positive work environment.

  2. Get digital. Because young people use digital channels such as social networking while prospecting, employers must invest in those channels.

  3. Engage earlier. It’s important to engage with recruits earlier in the supply chain—e.g., through internships.

  4. Differentiate on talent development. Employers can use training as a way to differentiate during the recruiting and retention parts of the talent supply chain.

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