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Redefining pipeline operations

Faced with unprecedented challenges, the ability to safely manage and optimize pipeline assets has never been more critical.


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GE and Accenture have launched the Intelligent Pipeline Solution, the first-ever Industrial Internet offering to help pipeline operators make better decisions concerning the condition of their critical machines and assets in the oil and gas pipeline industry.

The Intelligent Pipeline Solution combines Pipeline Management, a GE Predictivity software solution powered by the PredixTM platform, with Accenture’s digital technology, business process, systems integration and change management capabilities, to help customers make better, faster decisions on their pipeline operations to improve safety and prevent costly downtime. The solution works across pipeline systems to turn big data into actionable insights in near real-time.

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Current transmission pipeline infrastructure stretches across nearly 2 million miles globally and it is aging. Sixty percent of the US pipeline infrastructure was installed prior to 1970, and operators are taking added precautions to ensure safety remains at the forefront when transporting increased production volumes.

Due to considerable amounts of new natural gas transported in the United, operators are looking for ways to keep up with current demand, and now face a requirement to build out new infrastructure that did not exist previously.

Pipeline companies are investing up to $40 billion a year to expand networks and maintain assets. To help make the most of these significant investments, operators increasingly require more robust data and real-time asset and workforce planning information to optimize the safe performance of these networks and relevant systems.

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Key Findings

The Intelligent Pipeline Solution is an innovative platform that addresses challenges, such as increased compliance regulations, rising demand, and an aging infrastructure, by aggregating and analyzing the critical data impacting pipelines. This increased situational awareness results in more informed, proactive decisions improving safety, asset optimization and resource allocation.

  • Enhanced safety—More information for more peace of mind: Intuitive dashboard consolidates data sources for better, faster decisions and safer outcomes.

  • Optimized efficiency—Achieve more with less: Enterprise-wide visibility improves prioritization of resource allocation and capital spend.

  • Technology transformation—A clearer vision: A scalable platform that combines machines, data and people for greater situational awareness.

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