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Predictive analytics change mobile gaming

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and predictive analytics can help mobile gaming companies succeed in a hypercompetitive marketplace.


With numerous titles in the mobile gaming market jostling for screen time, getting underneath the players’ skin to understand what they really want is crucial for success.

Creativity, engaging gameplay and an off-the-wall concept do not guarantee success in this business. Rather, the ability to attract new players and keep a large number of players engaged ensures better returns for game developers.

CRM and predictive analytics can help mobile game developers and publishers gain rich insights into gamers’ data. They can leverage these insights to create a comprehensive strategy around the right pricing and promotion, and gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing gaming market.

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Predictive analytics can help mobile gaming companies determine the right product, pricing and channel strategies by providing insights into how, when and where players interact with their games.

Accenture recommends mobile gaming companies to:

  • Leverage the tried and tested channel of in-app advertising for promoting games.

  • Look at other opportunities of promotion such as linking games to specific events and leveraging location-based services to promote games.

  • Collaborate with telecom providers and device manufacturers to create premium cobranded games. For example, Rovio’s exclusive Angry Birds version for Nokia uses near-field communication (NFC) to allow players to bump handsets together to unlock new game levels.