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Banking on digital: The post-login customer experience

Adopting a “Digital First” mindset-putting digital at the heart of the business-enables banks to redefine the customer experience.


The Post-login Customer Experience is one of seven enablers that can help financial services providers renew the customer experience in the digital era. Adopting a “Digital First” mindset - putting digital at the heart of the business - enables banks to redefine their relationship with their customers.

To stand out, banks today need a laser focus on customers’ needs, leveraging powerful digital tools and features that respond to the way people actually think, behave, plan, consume and communicate.

Take the post-login customer experience. Banks will need to evolve from a consumption model, where customers are passive consumers of financial products, to an experience-led model, where customers actively and seamlessly engage with the bank on their own terms, across channels.

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The post-login customer experience is one of seven enablers that puts financial institutions at the forefront of changing customer needs.


The customer experience post-login is an opportunity for banks to engage with customers actively and seamlessly across channels. Banks can deliver a rich experience and resolve or anticipate specific customer needs by drawing upon valuable data about customers.

A contextualized, experience-led approach can help banks to:

Increase profitability. Equipped with consumer data and context, banks can identify the customer’s issue, and in turn, seize opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell services.

Improve customer service and build brand loyalty. Banks can deliver superior service and build brand loyalty by using a customer intelligence engine to refine knowledge with each interaction to improve relevance.

Head off competitors. Customers are having seamless, relevant and contextualized experiences with the likes of Google or Apple—and that’s influencing how customers interact with their bank.


Creating a road map with distinct phases, powered by innovative technology and a laser customer focus, can help banks move from a product-based to an experience-led model. These stages can be coupled with security, rich interactivity and engaging visual design at each customer touch point to enhance the customer experience.

Stage 1: Product-aligned
The current post-login customer experience often focuses on specific products, but delivers new, easy-to-use functionality and services to enhance engagement. Banks should create a road map to align existing products with customer needs.

Stage 2: Dialogue-enriched
Some banks have begun to build a dialogue with customers. They are shaping a post-login customer experience that integrates multiple services and innovative, predictive technologies that tap into the customer’s emotional drivers and assimilate their daily activities with the bank’s offerings.

Stage 3: Experience-led
The experience-led model makes the bank ubiquitous in the customer’s world. Using context-aware technology, the bank can, at any point or context, assess and serve a customer’s needs—and even anticipate them.

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