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Cloud-based PLM: The next approach to customization challenges

Industrial Equipment companies can overcome customization challenges by lifting cloud-based PLM capabilities.​


As recently featured in Automation World, we explore how Industrial Equipment companies can overcome customization challenges by lifting PLM capabilities dedicated to specialized demand beyond the organization's four walls into the cloud.

Doing so will not only help them balance tailored and traditional production, but save them time, reduce cost, provide geographic scalability and enhance collaboration.

Key Findings
Increasing demand for customized Industrial Equipment (IE) products—from specialized tools to "smart" machinery—is presenting IE manufacturers with a wide range of opportunities in the global market. But it is also creating greater challenges that will require new solutions.

The application of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, of which a few are starting to run in the cloud, provides one of these solutions.



Demand for customized products in the IE market will continue to grow, largely driven by the rapid pace of innovation that is influencing the market. But demand also will add new competitive challenges. Embracing the PLM in the cloud approach will help IE manufacturers greatly enhance their competitive position and their ability to benefit from the growth of specialized products.

In addition, cloud-based PLM gives companies the ability to quickly set up IT applications for planned or urgent demand without disrupting on-premise IT operations. This approach also accelerates customized design processes, and enables faster collaboration with suppliers and partners and improved speed-to-market.