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What’s coming next with digital in transportation?

Jerry Kane, Senior Project Planner for SEPTA in Philadelphia, shares his predictions.

What are your thoughts on bringing transit into the digital world?

I think transit in the digital world here means that the use of mobile devices could be a game changer for transportation and transit, in particular, because it’s a much more robust instrument than just a payment card.

What do you think your favorite form of payment will be in the future?

For me, I think it’s going to be the phone. For others, it could be any form factor such as a ring, a wristlet, or a watch. I think it is going to be specific to the user, but I think it has been proven that any form factor can accomplish the same end.

And why do you prefer the mobile device?

The phone device gives you a multi-layer platform to not only do payments but to check the condition of the system, delays, and scheduling. You also have the ability to do promotions or ads on the card, such as responding to a “buy one get one free” deal. I think this is a much more robust environment than just paying for a base fare.