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From McDonald’s to Coca-Cola

We caught up with Chris Hansen, Group Director – IT Sales, Customer & Commercial, Coca-Cola Refreshments.

Have you worked in other industries, and how have you applied those insights for CPG?
I double majored in Computer Information Systems and Organizational Management at Colorado State University.

My first job in in high school was at McDonald’s as a crew member and I continued through junior year in college, and ultimately became a general manager of a very profitable franchisee location

In my senior year at CSU I realized that going on to work at McDonald’s corporate wasn’t what I wanted to be doing after school, especially with my degree. So I went to work for Advanced Energy in the semiconductor industry as an intern during my last year of school, and ended up working on and eventually leading multiple SAP implementations for the sales and service organization across multiple Asian countries, Germany and the US.

What sparked your interest to work in the CPG industry?
I landed at Coke (and in the consumer goods industry) by chance after looking for opportunities outside of the semiconductor industry, I didn’t know how complex it could be.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I ever received was to “think like a running back” – have patience and wait for the right time/opportunity to run through the “hole”.