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Four ways to win over a digital customer

New service platforms enable providers to engage and empower even the most digitally disruptive customers.


Customers may not always be right, but companies are recognizing their right to exercise more control over the service experience. As business and IT executives increasingly explore the use of digital capabilities to empower customers and increase overall engagement, four distinct platform types have emerged. Agile companies that adjust their operating models to include one or more of these tools stand to gain by retaining the loyalty of their existing customer base and attracting prospects looking for more tailored, differentiated service experiences.


What it does: This platform employs forecasting algorithms and advanced analytics to calculate the probability that an unexpected event will occur.

How it helps: Emerging issues such as major component failures can be identified before they happen, ultimately reducing cost and liability for companies and minimizing customer impact.

Who’s on board: Agricultural companies, who can facilitate prescriptive planting, enabling farmers to maximize yields by optimizing for soil and weather conditions.


What it does: This platform allows for real-time collection and manipulation of large data sets.

How it helps: Data is gathered and summarized across service networks, enabling the optimization of key resources like capacity and fuel, as well as the ongoing monitoring of maintenance issues.

Who’s on board: Oil services companies, who can collect information on ocean currents to support customers’ offshore operations.


What it does: This platform allows service providers to connect with and control customer equipment in the field.

How it helps: Diagnosis and fault resolution are conducted remotely from a central command center, avoiding the cost and safety risks often associated with dispatching parts and technicians to distant locations.

Who’s on board: The mining industry, where automated transport, drilling and processing functions can be performed and monitored.


What it does: This platform delivers a customized, immersive experience to the customer.

How it helps: Tailored service interactions boost positive engagement for customers, increasing overall loyalty and decreasing the likelihood they will defect to other providers.

Who’s on board: Original equipment manufacturers, who can provide extensive aftermarket offerings around inventory and asset management.

A Closer Look

Learn how you can secure customer loyalty by giving them more control over their own service experiences.


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