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Oracle Exalytics: High-performance analytics brings speed and flexibility

The demand for faster analytics has never been greater. Our Oracle-based solution combines speed and scalability to help you uncover fresh insights.



Top business performers are increasingly tapping analytics to uncover insights from disparate internal and external data sources.

Devices become more connected every day. Meanwhile, growth of mobile and wired broadband makes immediate access to information more commonplace.

But it’s still hard for IT organizations to provide fast analytics. Tuning data takes time and may be out of the analytics administrator’s control. User habits are constantly changing, and they demand greater speed.

We see these challenges consistently across our clients. Increasingly, clients want to leverage in-memory databases to improve performance.

Our Oracle Exalytics solution, which combines hardware engineered with Oracle Business Analytics software, provides an ideal hybrid of speed, performance tuning and scalable architecture.

Devices become more connected every day and immediate access to information is increasingly commonplace. Still, it’s hard for IT organizations to provide fast analytics.


Oracle Exalytics makes it easier to provide faster analytics to more people. Consumer electronics has shown the value a systems implementer can provide when developing the end-to-end system.

Oracle Exalytics consists of Oracle hardware engineered with Oracle Business Analytics software.

The hardware includes an impressive array of specifications, including 40 processor cores, 1 terabyte of RAM and Infiniband networking for 40 gigabits per second network throughput.

The hardware runs optimized versions of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Essbase, and the Oracle TimesTen in- memory database, all of which work together to provide maximum performance and significant scalability.

Oracle also created features unique to Exalytics, like the “Summary Advisor,” which enhances Oracle BI on Exalytics.

This combination of software and hardware creates a new level of flexibility to solve business needs for analytics at speed.

The Summary Advisor will analyze all of the possible aggregate tables and make recommendations on which to create based on the best data compression ratios and which hierarchy level combinations are most frequently queried by users.

Summary Advisor also helps administrators tune performance of individual aggregate tables by examining user behaviors across any specified time period, marrying those usage behaviors with its knowledge of the business intelligence metadata to make the most beneficial recommendations.

Oracle Exalytics also offers new customers alternative options for designing their business intelligence environments.


Oracle Exalytics provides robust hardware and optimized versions of OBIEE and Oracle Essbase, which enables:

  • More parallel threads.

  • Leveraging of more server cores simultaneously.

  • Leveraging large amounts of RAM for server caching, block access and more.

While we have found the Exalytics platform delivers significant performance gains over traditional solutions, there are a number of different variables in the quantifiable results.

As organizations’ needs dictate new demands for analytics, we are driving the evolution and redefining the way organizations use their data in the analytics and business intelligence space.

In our Accenture Analytics Innovation Centers for Oracle, we are building analytics solutions to help organizations maximize the power of Exalytics and OBIEE and move to a higher level of performance

The future is bright for Oracle customers looking to leverage the power and flexibility of Oracle Exalytics to provide a more robust, adaptive, and fast analytics platform.

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