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Old methods deliver old results

Use Design Thinking and Prime Value Chain analysis to simplify experiences and drive outcomes.


The trick to truly integrated internal service offerings

Design Thinking and Prime Value Chain analysis can give today’s business customers the experiences they expect: swift, seamless, personalized and as engaging as the experiences they enjoy as consumers at home. By using a combination of both methodologies, organizations can move to the next level: truly integrated internal service offerings, designed from the outside in with user experience at the core, and their success measured in terms of business outcomes.


Key Findings

Organizations need customer-centric enabling functions to drive better customer experiences and enhance business outcomes.

One experience for many is no longer good enough.

Today’s organizations must comprehend and cater to an overwhelming number of individual customer experiences—a big ask when 76 percent of process and improvement efforts are still described as “one time” or “individual KPIs.”

Thinking like a customer is the name of the game.

Customers won’t hang around if their enabling functions can’t deliver the services they seek: They’ll find them elsewhere, for themselves, from an expanding array of alternative providers.

New methods = new value.

Leading organizations have used Design Thinking to gain insight into customer needs, and Prime Value Chain analysis to design better solutions.


Design Thinking and Prime Value Chain analysis promise to help enabling functions satisfy rapidly rising customer expectations—and create new value for the business as a whole.

Apply Design Thinking to discover and describe internal customer needs. Remember that listening to the customer’s voice is only half the story. You also need to leverage analytics to gain deep insight into what could delight your customers next.

Apply Prime Value Chain analysis to identify solutions to the business issues that impact customer needs. The key is to balance business performance (profitability) with customer demands (satisfaction).

Nathan Bull

Nathan Bull

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Operations & Process Transformation Practice Lead for North America

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Paul Jeruchimowitz

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, CFO & Enterprise Value

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