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The majority of respondents agreed that self-service options are the future of fare collection, allowing riders a better experience and offering operators reduced costs. However, only one-third could identify the current level of costs. Read the research to learn about the future of fare collection and how operators can maximize rider experience, while minimizing costs.

Key Findings

60 percent of respondents say that the future of ticketing rests on a combination of mobile, contactless bankcards or other methods that can identify a passenger on entry, allow them to travel, and charge at the end of the trip.

Fare Collection

It's clear that fare collection is not an insignificant investment for transport providers, despite the shift from nineteenth century paper-based methods to automated electronic systems. Given the scale of revenue collection by some of the respondents to this survey, even a fractional percentage of change in costs could result in quite high savings.

It seems that measuring, monitoring and benchmarking costs presents a continued challenge to the industry, even those about to enter into their "third wave" of fare collection solutions. Based on the observations made in this survey, Accenture offers the following recommendations for consideration by transport providers:

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