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The new customer-centric mortgage industry

Mortgage industry lenders can create a competitive advantage by focusing on customer centricity.

To be a leader in today's compliance-driven mortgage marketplace, lenders must segment their target markets correctly and create products that meet market demand and changing customer expectations.

In this white paper series, Accenture takes a closer look at the tools and techniques that top firms are using to survive and thrive in this challenging environment, including consolidated systems, embedded compliance management, customer self-service and more.

Read Part 1: Leading in a Changing Mortgage Marketplace
Meeting the expectations of industry regulators has become a key concern for mortgage lenders, but compliance alone does not guarantee a competitive advantage. This white paper examines how current regulatory pressures will ultimately drive lending organizations to find ways to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction, without compromising consumer protection.

Read Part 2: Changing Lender Process in the Name of Consumer Protection
Accenture discusses operational changes that mortgage lenders must consider if they hope to balance the need to comply with consumer protection regulations and the business imperative for profit.

Read Part 3: Technological Considerations for Leading in the New Mortgage Marketplace
Accenture discusses technology that can help banking executives meet the demands of investors, regulators and consumers. Mortgage lenders will need to invest in technology and build automated systems to help them achieve customer satisfaction management, increased transparency and compliance management.

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