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Managing the Growing ‘Appification’ of Business

User experience is an imperative to ensure widespread employee adoption for custom business apps.


Since the iPhone® mobile device burst onto the scene in 2007, companies have spent a lot of time, money and attention developing apps that enable them to engage and connect with their customers.

However, increasingly, organizations are beginning to uncover the potential that apps have to improve employee efficiency and productivity too.

One Accenture client supports more than 300 such “enterprise apps”, illustrating the technology’s potential and the growing attention enterprise apps are commanding.

A formal structure that addresses six key elements can help companies build and maintain a cost-effective, rationalized portfolio of apps.


A company’s initial foray into enterprise apps typically begins by focusing on simple apps that target a very specific function or transaction—such as employee lookup, time and expenses, reports or approving an employee’s request. They then move on to more complex apps that need to access some kind of enterprise data remotely to function properly, such as creating sales orders.

More experienced companies are developing apps that actually transform key business processes, for example, field service. In-vehicle or portable mobile apps expedite customer visits, providing all of the necessary information field workers need to do their job.


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Six Key Elements


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With consumer mobile apps having become an integral part of many people’s lives, it should come as no surprise that the “appification” of business is gaining steam. Yet as they ramp up their pursuit of enterprise apps for employees, many companies are finding that developing and managing their apps can be a challenge.

A formal structure that addresses the six elements just discussed can help companies build and maintain a more cost-effective, rationalized portfolio of apps that help achieve established internal branding and quality standards, address employees’ expectations for user experience, and provide the functionality that can make employees more efficient and productive.

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