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Healthcare Disrupted: An inspiring call to action

A new definition of what "healthcare" actually is and how it will be delivered and experienced.

Healthcare Disrupted – Next Generation Business Models and Strategies is the essential guide for driving future growth and performance for life sciences and healthcare executives. As disruptive forces such as real world data and advanced analytics, collaborative ecosystems and payer and patient influence drive profound and permanent change, four new business models are emerging:

  1. Lean Innovators – This model combines the best practices of generics efficient manufacturing and supply chains with M&A expertise to differentiate on its efficient operating model and innovate around those efficiencies. Many are former generics companies formed as lean, financially-driven, opportunistic competitors (Examples are Teva, Mylan, others)

  2. Value Innovators – These companies are committed to improving patient outcomes as the basis of the value they deliver to the health system and patients. Most in this segment are device and therapeutics companies transitioning from products to services; often through extended, remotely delivered services (Examples are Medtronic, Boston Scientific)

  3. Around the Patient Innovators – The unique aspect of this model is a deep understanding and focus on the patient journey centered largely on producing drugs in specialty therapeutics with complimentary services. Many companies recasting themselves as digital medicines companies with highly differentiating revenue and operating models (Examples are Novartis, Merck, Biogen)

  4. The New Health Digitals – This model focuses on how leaders from other industries create a new segment to change where and how patients receive care. Many companies are either digital-to-health or health-to-digital, where each can leverage and advantaged infrastructure (Examples from QualCommLife, Philips, Apple, Alphabet/Google)

To learn more about the four new business models and how you can fit your organization for increased collaboration and competition, visit the Healthcare Disrupted homepage.