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Want seamless fare management? Look to the cloud

Today’s connected travelers have high expectations. So transit agencies are reaching to the cloud to expand their fare management capabilities.

Digitally savvy travelers want convenience and efficiency—whether they are riding a bus or train, crossing a river by ferry, driving through toll gates, parking their car, or using a bike or car-sharing service. Large-scale transit agencies aren’t the only ones trying to meet rising expectations for seamless service. Transportation providers of all sizes are looking for ways to enhance fare management capabilities, and many have their sights set on the cloud.

With the help of the cloud, even mid-size agencies can take advantage of an “as-a-service model” that can scale up and down, depending on usage, to meet fluctuating customer demand and help to lower the total cost of ownership. Cloud-based, as-a-service fare management models are flexible enough to connect to a broad range of payment media, including contactless bankcards, smartcards and smartphone payment applications, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. These models also integrate with non-financial contactless media, such as building access or government-issued ID cards, to ease the experience for travelers.

Fast forward

As digital capabilities evolve across industries in the future, travelers will increasingly expect new fare management features that enable a more personalized, enjoyable journey. Open architecture and new cloud services make it easy for transit agencies to add on extended features. For instance:

  • Trip planning and pricing

  • Integration with customer travel preferences

  • The ability to connect to offers from third-party partners, such as digital coupons for retailers

Recognizing the customer service potential and economic promise of the cloud, Accenture has expanded its fare management service—a digital payment platform that manages fare collection and customer service across multiple transit authorities and modes of transport. Our Accenture Fare Management Solution is implemented on the Microsoft Azure cloud and provides a single, central customer account with real-time payments for transit agencies of all sizes. It can be integrated into an existing technology infrastructure without requiring additional hardware.

The cloud is the next stop on the journey to convenient, seamless experiences for today’s connected travelers, and now is the time for agencies of all sizes to get on board.