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How many screens fit under one tree?

Three holiday wish-list trends for 2014: screens and more screens, people are buying into their health with wearable technology, and we’d all like smarter homes.

As the Holiday Gift Guides for 2014 are published and the letters to Santa are being drafted, there are three trends we are seeing that could help shape the Communications industry moving forward:

Screens and More Screens – The multi-device predictions from early in 2014 are right on the mark with consumers craving even more devices from tablets to phablets. It’s not just the devices that people are wishing for this year, subscription services for video streaming, ebook borrowing and digital music libraries are all up and make a great complimentary gift to the big ticket device purchase.

Wearable Technology for your Health – cNet created a whole new category this year for their Wearable Technology gifts and another for Wearable Fitness Technology boosting capabilities from tracking your steps, sleep, heart rate, and running route all with superior battery life addressing consumers demand for constant tracking (and creation of amazing data for enterprises to leverage).

Smart(er) Homes – The demand for technology within the home has evolved from the wishes of a refrigerator that tells you when you’re out of milk to smart lightbulbs and security systems that keep you up to speed on all the comings and goings right from your smart phone. Now if only this coffee maker would set itself.

These three trends are shaping the Communications industry moving forward in the following ways:

  • With more devices in the marketplace, the demand on the enterprise for innovation in network speed, device interoperability and battery life enhancements will continue to grow greater in 2015.

  • Consumers are creating a remarkable amount of data with all of these new devices from health data to the amount of time they are home – how companies protect this data and how the industry learns to leverage the addressable data to enhance and evolve their products are both huge opportunities.

  • We’ve seen the effects of emerging markets in driving tremendous growth in device sales. How consumers in emerging markets are leveraging their devices remains unclear. Specifically, will the pay-for-content offerings that are generating recurring and lasting revenue for the enterprise in traditional marketplaces be a viable revenue model in emerging markets?

What’s on your wish list?