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2020 Summer Olympics Brings Digital Opportunities for Japan

There’s a race taking place towards greater mobility within the Enterprise ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

As Japan makes accommodations to host the Summer Olympics in 2020, we see three opportunities to capitalize on the great heritage of Japanese invention and their ability to innovate.

Integration of Internet of Things

With a deluge of tourists entering Japan, the opportunity to leverage the #IoT (Internet of Things) to best serve those visitors is tremendous: from context-based insights to location support, traffic management and personalized recommendations based on user, location and past behavior. The #IoT has the power to showcase the best of what Japan has to offer for each tourist.

Leveraging Big Data

With advancements and infrastructure to support the #IoT comes a tremendous volume of data from people visiting from all over the world. The value of this data in spotting trends, serving customer needs and solving real-time problems will be key to event success. What’s more, this data can be harnessed by Japanese enterprises after the event when filtered to specific audiences to identify actionable data-points.

Video Streaming

Digital video and streaming brings massive opportunities to users experiencing the games and the rich culture of Japan during the course of the event. New considerations need to be made for UGC (User Generated Content) leveraging apps like Periscope as they represent a challenge both to the networks’ ability to handle the volume of data and the proprietary nature of content.

These opportunities are harbingers of exciting time for companies in Japan and highlight a great need for mobility strategy to address the cultural resistance and network infrastructure needs to support the load of a mobile-equipped workforce & consumer.

It will be exciting to see how the Olympics push enterprises in Japan over the digital finish line.