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HFS Research: Accenture Leads in Procurement as-a-Service

Accenture is a “visionary and leading edge provider of Procurement As-a-Service offerings with great breadth and depth”, according to the latest Blueprint Report by HfS research


Accenture has been named as the leader—in both innovation and execution—in the HfS Research Blueprint Report: Procurement As-a-Service 2016.

HfS recognized that “Accenture’s combination of deep expertise, platform, intelligence & analytics, and automation all combine to drive outcomes fused across the end-to-end process.”

Accenture’s clients commended their excellence in account management, “unbelievable commitment to deliver”, and flexible contracting as key strengths.

HfS also highlighted Accenture’s vision for the evolution of Procurement As-a-Service, its models for co-innovation and collaboration and its strategy for intelligent automation.

© Copyright HfS Research. Source: HfS Research Blueprint: Procurement As-a-Service 2016. December 2016 by Derk Erbe, Research Vice President

About the Report

The Blueprint Report analyzes the capabilities of 15 leading Procurement As-a-Service providers. This Blueprint places as much emphasis on innovation as on execution across the Procurement As-a-Service Value Chain: Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Transactional Procurement, Technology Management and Contract Management.